About Me

About me, well, I have always been a crafter in one form or another. According to my dad, I would see a game in the store and instead of asking for it, I would go home and make my own.

I have been intrigued by glass for as long as I can remember. My grandma had a large still life painting by my cousin that featured bottles and crocks. She also had a wonderful cupola on her house that had these amazing blue windows!

I LOVE playing with glass. Sometimes it is predictable and other times it has a mind of its own! As a matter of fact I love it so much, that part of my life gets its own page – link coming soon. This page is more about life – its ups & downs.

I am married with two daughters,one grandson, two cats & one dog. I detest disorganization & clutter! Especially when it isn’t mine! I also dislike laziness, it is better to do something even if it is wrong than to do nothing!

Interests – Anything glass related – especially giving new life to discarded bottles! Glass fusing, collecting glassh bottles, quilting, photography, sewing, all kinds of crafts, jewelry making (beading, wire & precious metal clay) wire crafting, , gardening, birdwatching…..

Favorite Movies – Just about anything with Sean Connery! Here are a few others – Secondhand Lions, Remember the Titans, Sherlock Holmes, Law Abiding Citizen & suprisingly Avatar.

Favorite Music – From Nickleback to Mills Brothers, just no rap!

Favorite Books – anything by Sandra Brown or Nora Roberts/J D Robb, Jesse Stone series


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